Laser Days

Anon, The Face
If the excitement generated by early holograms has been dulled due to its generally unimaginative use then the work of Michael Wenyon and Susan Gamble not only revives but transforms this prematurely hackneyed medium. Bringing together their experience from backgrounds in physics and fine art has resulted in a series of stunning, large-scale holograms which place simple objects in a vivid, shimmering surround of changing light and hues created by an original method known as 'laser speckle'. The effect is of being immersed in a pool of hallicinatory electric colour. By displaying their work in opal perspex frames on hand-painted easels, Wenyon and Gamble have taken holography away from an early death as complex novelty and into the realms of a technological but truly creative artform. Art By Laser is an exhibition of their work at the Salisbury City Library, Sept 3-20
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