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Holograms of card catalog shelves make up an eerie part of 'Bibliomancy' by Michael Wenyon and Susan Gamble.

Manifold Sensations from Earth to Moon

Kenneth Baker
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts shows things made with artistic intent alongside things that might be mistaken for art if nothing was known about their intent. This practice fits a time when anything at all may turn up under the rubric of art.

'Multiple Sensations', which opens today, fulfills the center's curious mission as well as any set of exhibitions it has presented to date.

Birth and death, sex, drugs, distraction and destruction, the moon and the stars (of stage and screen) all figure in, loosely strung on the theme of collections...

...Another quiet passage in 'Multiple Sensations' is Michael Wenyon and Susan Gamble's 'Bibliomancy', a corridor lined with softly glowing holograms.

Along one wall are the spines of books chosen from the venerable Boston Athenaeum, including Rudolf Arnheim's 'Art and Visual Perception,' 'Art Criticism From a Laboratory,' 'Wonders of the Invisible World' and 'Books for Tired Eyes.'

The opposite wall displays holograms of old card catalog drawers. The holograms give the books and drawers the look of specters at a seance in a future, postliterate age...
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Excerpt of review of "Multiple Sensations" at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle, August 5th, 2000, "Datebook" section, p B1