Alter Image (Ch 4 UK): Wenyon & Gamble

"Aliens might well feel at home if the first television programme they encountered was Channel 4's late-night arts show Alter Image. Here there were brilliantly coloured holograms produced by splitting light into images of fire and water, followed by the manic performance art of Ralf Ralf, a duo whose set piece, Summit Psychology, ended the freeze of a nuclear winter.

There was too some haunting Mongolian pipe music, accompanied by what approximated to a Mongolian pop video and the Lumière theatre company with skins painted into jigsaws of brown and white. I would hesitate to say what message that carried, but the absence of a presenter or a panel of critics allowed one to regard these curious items as an exotic hors-d'ouevre without needing to make too much of a meal out of each piece."

—Shulman, A. (1987, June 3). Exotic snacks. The Times (London), page 24

Alexandra Shulman, a British journalist, was editor-in-chief of British Vogue from 1992 to 2017.